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Many companies turn to recruiting firms when their demand for talent in a particular area exceeds the supply of candidates they are able to recruit themselves. While search fees can appear expensive to a firm, it can be more expensive to have incomplete work, miss deadlines or to suffer from poor morale due to insufficient staffing in critical areas such as accounting and finance or to hire a candidate who is not the right fit for the organization and ultimately leaves. Most companies understand that it is a good business decision to budget for using recruiters as a supplement to their traditional recruiting methods, which may only reach a fraction of the potential candidate pool.


  • Experience and specialization counts.  Your project leader is an experienced consultant with an average tenure of over 20 years with Corporate Consultants in recruiting accounting and finance professionals. Thus; he/she has the expertise to understand your requirements and ensure that you get the most appropriate candidate for the job.
  • We utilize extensive contacts, referrals, candidate databases and web search methods to quickly find the qualified candidates.
  • Candidates are recruited and interviewed by experienced consultants for technical skills, personality fit, career aspirations and preferences to ensure that we have the most suitable candidate.
  • Our focus is on a personalized quality service.  We will work with you throughout the search process from the original job specifications meeting to the offer stage.
  • Each search is treated in a confidential manner.
  • Our commitment to you doesn’t end with the successful completion of the search. We provide advice in areas such as staffing problems, retention, current compensation packages and job market conditions.
  •  We also act as an ongoing talent scout for our clients.
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