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About Us

In 1976, Corporate Consultants began providing search services in accounting and finance in Toronto. 

Our approach to direct recruitment and service rather than sales is why we are one of the pre-eminent financial search firms in Toronto.  We are committed to delivering a quality client service.

Focus and Experience

For you as a client looking for the ideal candidate, we do what you don’t have time to do; constant and active search and evaluation and qualification of candidates for each assignment. We cover all areas of financial management and accounting disciplines: audit, risk and control, corporate governance and regulatory areas, tax, treasury, reporting, and financial analysis from the financial analyst to V.P. levels.  Our success in building long-term client relationships is based on our ability to understand their specific requirements; as a result, we know who to call and where to find them. 

As a candidate, you have made a choice to specialize in your career path, so why not work with a recruiting specialist to find your next career move.  Corporate Consultants only works in the accounting and finance arena; we know the people, the companies and the market drivers.  We keep on top of the changes in the market place, and industry trends.  We are here to help you navigate the directions you can choose.


Our clients enjoy a huge advantage working with Corporate Consultants that goes beyond market knowledge. You experience continuity rare in the recruiting industry; clients know that when they work with us they deal with the same project leader consistently to get the results they are looking for. 
Every search is monitored daily, with an open-forum discussion of issues and results for each project.

The key is in knowing how to approach a search, identifying the core skill sets and, most importantly, the characteristics of a desirable candidate. We target companies that have the candidates with the attributes that you are looking for.  The business has always been, and will always be, about people.

330 Bay St, Suite 600
Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2S8
Telephone: 416.862.1259
e-mail: info@corporateconsultants.com